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    Video Email Delivers

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      Welcome to another beautiful day in paradise, although it is raining today. No matter, I would still rather be getting rained on in Florida than freezing somewhere else. I love the snow but it gets old really quick. It's one of those "great to visit but I wouldn't want to live in it every day" things.

      I wanted to share some information concerning Talk Fusion Video Emails and what we are doing to make sure our emails get delivered. This is fantastic news for all of our associates but also great news for any business that uses Talk Fusion Video Email!

      Some people might think there would be very little difference between you, as an individual, sending out a few video emails to your friends and us, as a company, sending out millions and millions of them.

      While the actions may seem the same, the process involved is quite different.

      As an individual, your ISP, due to bandwidth usage restrictions on personal accounts, limits the size and number of emails that you can send out in a day.

      At Talk Fusion, we are able to effectively send out, and deliver, millions upon millions of video emails, all over the world, each and every day. While this is due, in part, to our extensive server architecture and our available bandwidth, it is mostly because of the whitelisted Safe Sender reputation that we have worked so hard to earn and maintain.

      Whether you realize it or not, our being placed on the well-respected Habeas SafeList has a tremendous impact on your potential for success in this business.

      As people's use of computers and reliance on email for communication has continued to escalate, the need to control the amount of spam both sent and received has become a difficult, incredibly complicated battle.

      In an effort to supposedly protect its users, ISPs have installed increasingly selective spam filters. Ironically, those filters have often become a detriment to themselves and their own subscribers.

      There are so many spam filters on the different ISPs that many times they don't deliver legitimate emails. These are called "false positives" and usually occur due to issues with the ISPs spam filter settings or the individual user's own security settings. There is nothing "wrong" with the email sender; false positives can happen to anyone.

      As a direct marketing company who depends upon email deliverability, we want our Talk Fusion Associates to receive the maximum assistance possible in ensuring their video emails reach the intended recipients. We've gone to great lengths, not to mention expense, to do exactly that.

      Here is what we've done, and are still doing, to help make certain your video emails are delivered to the Inboxes of your customers and Associates:


      • After undergoing a lengthy and intensive screening, Talk Fusion became the only video email company to be placed on the Habeas SafeList, the industry's premier Internet whitelist.

      • To help combat "false positives", Talk Fusion sends a control group of 782 emails to 8,000 ISPs around the world, nearly every day, to test exactly how our emails are routed. We receive a detailed report back, so we know exactly how those emails were categorized and how they were sorted. Our email headers are specially coded "Safe Sender, Habeas Whitelisted", which *every *ISP should recognize and accept. • Talk Fusion is currently registered with, and approved by, over 4 million ISPs world-wide and that number continues to grow.

      • Habeas provides Talk Fusion with real-time reports detailing all the safe listing inquiries and business legitimacy verifications received about our company. In the last 30 days alone, Habeas has verified over 7,467 safe list inquiries from ISPs about our company.

      • Talk Fusion receives "Preferential Delivery", meaning we experience a 20-30% higher deliverability rate.

      • Habeas Email Monitor provides a constant analysis of all the video email sent through our system, verifying our reputation and deliverability with domains and ISPs to ensure we maintain a "Good" rating.

      Talk Fusion teaming up with Habeas - it's just one more example of how we're constantly working to find the best ways to protect and promote your business. Talk Fusion is the premier opportunity today for Video Emails, not only as a business, but also as a tool that any existing business can put to good use.

      I am looking for Business Associates who want to become business partners, are committed, not afraid to work, are coachable and will let me show them how to build this business, from home without spending a fortune to get involved.

      Get in touch with me, get involved, use the Talk Fusion opportunity and Video Email. I will show, and give you everything you need, to be successful in Talk Fusion. You are in the right place at the right time.

      Don Egnor