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    Canadian Starting a Business in Canada while in the USA?

    tmg Wayfarer



      I'm new to this forum, but have been reading several articles on this topic. I am currently in the US under a valid TN-visa working for an employer. I would like to start my own business while in the US during my free time from my current TN employment.


      I have read that I can start a business but cannot work for it. I believe I read that I cannot even volunteer for it; if the US feels like I should be paid for the work, then it is a no-go. Therefore I cannot start it in the US and just keep the money within the business (paying myself from my other TN-company) until I can figure out a way to sponsor myself.


      The company I am looking to establish is not service based, and would predominantly do business through internet transactions; therefore, would it be possible to incorporate a company within Canada even when I am in the US? Would this cause issues with either the Canadian side or the US side?


      Any insight would be greatly appreciated.