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    A Couple of Comments

    seoservicepro Ranger

      1. Maybe you guys are still working on the new design or whatever, but it takes as long as 60 seconds to get a page to load. This one took that long just now. I really want to get more of my friends and followers from other social networks to start posting here, but they aren't going to wait for pages that are this slow. It was slow before, but even slower now.


      2. On the home page you can choose, "Answer a Question". Why are discussions and questions that are locked still listed there? With the slow load problem from above, I click to answer a question, wait . . . page finally loads, "Discussion Locked". To go back to view other questions and wait again just to find more I'm not allowed to answer isn't an option.


      Sorry. Hate to be a complainer, but while I waited for this page to load, I favorited a couple of tweets, posted one, commented on a post at LinkedIn and checked my email.

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          Moderator Naoko Adventurer

          Thank you for sharing your feedback, seoservicepro!

          I'll be glad to forward your post to the right team.

          I don't seem to have issues with new site.

          Clearing browser cache might help too.

          Does anyone else have any issues or suggestions?



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            SBC Team Guide

            Yes- thanks for sharing your feedback, seoservicepro.  Definitely don't want to have our members waiting around for pages to load.  We are looking into his now.


            Thanks again,


            The Small Business Community Team.

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              SBC Team Guide

              Hi seoservicepro,


              We wanted to follow up with you regarding your observations.


              Regarding slow loading times- we have implemented several optimizations that should have sped things up considerably.  Can you check again and let us know if pages are loading faster for you?  Also, keep in mind that this is a database-driven platform with hundreds of thousands of pages, so it will never load as quickly as a simple static web page.  Still, we want the community to be as responsive as possible.


              Regarding locked discussions with the "Answer a Question" functionality, we believe that issue is solved as well.  We clicked the "Answer a Question" button and checked the first 15 results and none of them were locked.  They are sorting by most recent activity.  Can you check this again and let us know if you are seeing this as corrected as well?


              Thanks again!


              The Small Business Community Team