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      How do you learn to relax an be confident in your business venture? When you know this is your life purpose for life. And why is it so hard to get do something so needful?

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          seoservicepro Ranger

          On relaxing and being confident; if you believe in what you are doing and how it will help others, disrupt industries, or add value in other ways, you should be confident in that and say so. Don't worry about what others might think or if they tell you it will never work or you can't do it. People who never do anything say those things.


          Be yourself. Don't try to please everyone or make everyone like you. The fact is, not everyone will. Accept that. You're looking for people who will like you for who you are and like your project for what it will accomplish and those people are the only ones that count.


          On funding, you have to show how committed you are to your own project. Your money has to be there as well as your time and your belief in the idea, before anyone will seriously consider investing in you and your project.


          There are a lot of ways to get funding, crowdfunding for one. But it's going to take a lot of commitment and effort on your part to get there.

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              Moderator Berta Guide

              Great advice seoservicepro! Thanks for sharing.


              Anyone else?



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                  seoservicepro Ranger

                  Have a story to add. There may be people who tell you it can't be done as I said before.


                  Back in the 1990s I was running webmaster forums to teach people how to build and optimize websites. I tried to get everyone to adopt article marketing.


                  Most people said; "I don't write very well" or "I don't have time to write", etc. So I started offering to write some articles for them. I had no idea what to charge for it, so I started out at $5 per article.


                  I just wanted to show them how effective article marketing could be. I thought I'd get a few requests, knock the articles out quickly and show them the analytics on how well it worked.


                  I got tons of orders. I even had to write 25 articles on "Horse Manure". Seriously, Horse Manure. Try writing 25 original articles about that.


                  So, I raised my price to $7.50, then $10, then $15 and got some help writing them. Now I charge $30 per article and that's still a great price for the content I provide.


                  But, when I first started, a friend of mine kept telling me; "With all the stuff you know about the Internet and Marketing, why don't you go to work for some company that will pay you a salary? This will never make you any money."


                  Well, years later, the most we did as a company in regards to writing articles is about 1500 articles per week being ordered. The average over time was more like about 300, but that's still a lot of articles. It led to also providing blog management, website development, SEO and more for those same clients.


                  So they were wrong about whether or not it would work. Not only that, the friend that told me that? He asked for a job a couple of years later.

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                Scott Navigator

                The way to learn to relax and be confident is to jump in with both feet and "Just Do It". It's natural for most people to feel a bit uncomfortable when trying something new. But experience is a great teacher and in a very short period of time you will wonder what you were so worried about.


                There are several ways to go about getting funding but you'll first have to have a solid business plan to present to those with money to lend. That is in no way an assurance that you'll be accepted. Lenders are lend money to make money and if they don't see what you have as something that has a very solid chance to succeed, they they'll lend their money elsewhere.


                What you THINK is a great idea, could easily be a total flop. MANY people have thought that they had a brilliant idea for a product or service to sell and found out the hard way that there was no demand for it.


                The way to approach it and prove if it's worth pursuing is to sell the product/service before you actually have it. Test the market by using Google AdWords or Facebook. But DO NOT jump into those platforms without knowing what you are doing or you can drain your bank account over night. Do a search for Perry Marshall and at least get his book about Google AdWords and follow his advice.


                When I say to sell it before you actually have it, I'm saying that you shouldn't go through the process of actually setting up a facility to build your product. Or getting an office, business cards, letterhead, etc. for the service you may offer. Test the market by doing the marketing first.


                If people make a purchase, immediately refund their money and tell them that you can't handle the business you've recently generated. Keep track of your results so that you can use them to support getting a loan. DO NOT keep the money or you will probably find yourself behind bars, and not the kind of bars that serve alcohol. Refund it promptly.


                Too many people have invested too much of their money, set up a facility or office and gotten everything in order to sell their "GENIUS" idea before they tested the market to validate it, then lost that money because there was no demand.


                There's more to this than I can take the time to go into here. Just use this as a basis for doing your homework and moving forward. Good luck!