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    Your Online and Offline Presence

    Moderator Cath Guide

      We have been reading quite a few posts recently about how to set up a webpage, what works best, what to include, what to stay away from, etc.  And some have taken the next step and have a webpage created or tweaked.  Others are still pondering all the information given and hoping to make an informed decision.


      When you are doing this (or have done all this), where does hacking come into play?  All of us have read about the big corporations who have made the headlines with some of their accounts being hacked: both in their stores (brick and mortar) and online.  Of course this does not encourage shoppers trust at all.


      None of us wants to even consider those hackers visiting us.  What have you put into practice to keep this from happening to your business?  What tips do you have to offer others?