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    How to get advertisers for Travel Blog

    Akshay Patel Adventurer



      I am running a travel blog named Traveljee which gets approx. 30K pageviews as of now. Currently, I am using Google Adsense for monetization. I am looking for more travel advertisers.

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          seoservicepro Ranger

          It takes a lot of time and work to build a blog that will get paid ads.


          1. Pageviews is not number of visitors, which is the most important metric for paid advertisers. Pageviews are important too, but the number of unique visitors is the key.


          2. Your first step is to actually add something on your blog that tells people you sell advertising. There is nothing there currently that even gives you the chance to sell an ad.


          3. You should look into getting a more professional looking theme for your blog.


          4. How much social networking are you doing to get more people to read your blog?


          5. You will have to "step up your game" as far as photos and such go. There are a lot of travel blogs being written by people who actually visit the places they write about and take their own pictures and share their stories. Those get a loyal following. Just writing generically about travel and inserting ads in posts isn't going to cut it anymore like it once did.


          If you aren't a world traveler and don't have any friends or partners who are, I would say your chances of running a successful travel blog are extremely low. You won't attract advertisers and adsense won't pay for the time you spend writing it.


          I advise everyone to write about something you truly have a passion for and/or experience with. Don't just choose a topic based on how many people search for the keywords you will be writing about.


          You'll get bored with it and the content won't be any good since you're targeting search engines instead of your users and those users who do visit won't find your content very engaging and maybe even notice that you don't really have any knowledge or interest in the topic.


          I have clients come to me with things like this from time to time and the first thing I do is analyze if they are actually in the right business or going the right direction. I don't just sell them because I can.


          If you had come to me with this as a potential client, I'd give you the same advice i'm giving now. Unless you plan to travel to these places and write about your own experiences and lifestyle while doing so, including taking great photos along the way, then I'd rethink what you are trying to do.


          I know you want to build an online business for yourself and I commend that. But find something you are truly passionate about and something you have some real expertise with and start over based on that.

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            Akshay Patel Adventurer

            Thanks all for helping me out. I will definitely follow your advices for my travel blog.

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              Diana Perk Tracker

              There are number of ways you can get advertiser for your travel blog.These are:


              1. In the beginning you can connect with Google Adsense program that allows you to make money advertising on your blog by placing targeted text ads generated by Google on your pages.


              2. To increase sales, Place advertiser ads on your site, and feature ads for products you personally use or are happy to endorse.


              3.Sign up with an advertiser-publisher connection websites like BlogAds or Blogbrite, and get listed in the directory.

              Hope you will find these point useful for your travel blog.

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                  seoservicepro Ranger

                  Hi Diana. Responding to your suggestions.


                  1. Unless you get a huge number of visitors, adsense isn't going to make anyone enough money to make it worth doing. To get that amount of traffic to his travel blog, the blog would have to improve a lot with real photos and better content.


                  Then the problem with adsense is that it actually works better on websites with very poor content since users don't find what they are looking for, then click the ads to see if they can find something better. Your mileage may vary, but that is why there are so many poorly written sites out there using adsense.


                  The poster's blog is not poorly written. It could be much better, but the poster is trying to create quality content. If a user finds the content interesting, they scroll down as they read and now they don't see the ads. You can put the ads within the copy and ;lower in the sidebar and get more clicks, but again, it's a moot point if they are not getting 100,000+ unique visitors per month.


                  2. It's close to the same problem with using affiliate ads or network ads like those found on CJ or those you mentioned. They need a lot of traffic to be effective.


                  So, if the poster does not solve the root problem first, nothing is going to make them money. The root problem is that they need a lot of targeted traffic. I'd like to see them improve the content as well, but even with the content they have now, they might be able to get some click-throughs with those ads, if they had enough traffic.


                  To get that traffic, PPC is not an option. They would spend all they make or more on PPC. That means social media. The amount of social media they need do to get enough traffic to the blog to make money is huge. Yes, it can be done, but they're looking at a full-time job.


                  It would also take a lot of commitment. That's why I suggested they examine "why" they chose travel. Is it because it pays more with adsense? If so, that's the wrong reason to choose your topic for your blog.


                  If they choose a topic they are passionate about, regardless of the amount per click in adsense, they will commit the time needed to be successful with the blog.


                  just my 25 cents worth.

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                  seoservicepro Ranger

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