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      How do we differ from a people search website?


      Usually, when you search for someone online you’ll end up at a background check website. These are simply government database systems and there isn’t anything of the person, their life or their family. There is nothing on how they came to be missing, the circumstances of their missing status or how they might have felt. There is nothing about the family, friends or relatives that are looking for them. Video Locators puts the story back into the life of the missing – the where, when and how they became missing. We market the story of the person in a very unique way. We use a combination of demographic search methods, social media, a marketing method called the Gatekeeper, and community involvement programs. Our methods are propriety and they are designed to help you as an individual.


      Remember, those that want to help can browse for free and may even receive cash rewards if viewers can provide information that helps locate someone!