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    Hi Im A newbie here need advice

    skidoo34 Wayfarer

      Hi any help will be greatly appreciated my son and I looking to open a indoor mini gold coarse i have been in the retail and customer service for over 25 years. But where do I start . what is the first thing to do I have a name have found a place but need to get start up money I do have a business plan and the area i am in is in desperate need of  this business for the kids to do ..licences, permits ect. seems so over whelming ? Help Any one I know this business will strive...

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          Moderator Berta Guide

          Welcome to the community Skidoo34!


          Sounds like you have a great idea. The first thing I would suggest is checking on the fees for licensing, permits, etc. Take baby steps, one thing at a time. Once you've found out how much each individual item, then you have a better idea of how much start up funding you will need. Are you thinking of getting a loan or are you looking for investors?


          Anyone else have any suggestions?



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              skidoo34 Wayfarer

              thank you have checked into fees don,t seem to be bad . i would have to get a loan for leasing and equipment

              the building looking at is approved for this type of business I have figured monies i could do it for about 25,000.00 so would be looking for investors or loan alot of the design and work i could do myself there is NO competition in the area which is great thing.

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                seoservicepro Ranger

                Beta is giving you great advice. Think of every possible cost you can conceive, then double that and you'll be close to how much startup money you need. Then understand, no one is likely to give you 100% of what you need as a loan or investment. You'll have to raise some of your own money to cover a good portion of the total. Investors and loan officers like to see that you are taking a financial risk too.

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                jonathoncro55 Wayfarer

                The licenses and permits will always add up to be more than you think!


                Trust me, start ups are obviously always more difficult than we imagine they will be, but I wish you all the luck in the world.  Just remember - a penny saved is a penny earned.