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    How to fetch software development projects

    Namdev Wayfarer

      We are looking for software development, website development and Technical support projects. As we have excellent Technical team.So any one can help me to to fetch the project for our firm?

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          Moderator Berta Guide

          Hi Namdev, welcome to the community!


          Have you tried or any of those types of sites? Are you looking to be a local only company or are you willing to take on clients from anywhere?  Do you have a website set up for your company yet? If so, do you have any client feedback portrayed on it? How long have you been doing this sort of work? Please, tell us a little more about your business so we can be more accurate with our responses.





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              Namdev Wayfarer

              Hi Berta,


              Thank you for you response.

              Yes I am fetching projects from also.But these projects are not confirmed and also small projects. I am willing to take on clients from anywhere. yea you can visit us on . I have mentioned some of clients feedback on my site.We are working from last 2.5 year. Yet we have worked on +50 developed +50 websites and software applications. Now looking for the Technical support projects as i have excellent technical team having qualification of B.E,B.Tech,M.S. We have achieved expert level in softwares development, System design, BS&T support, website design and development.

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              navinpaul Wayfarer

              Dear Namdev ,


                  Its always really tough to get the first project and we need a lot of patience to get one. We are a firm in India and this is how we got few projects


              1. Develop a team of People who knows Online Bidding

              2. Those who have hands on experience with it and could get leads.

              3. A project Head who can take care of them for negotiations and documenting.


                   We have little struggles in getting off shore projects as we are based only in India. Hope merging organisations could provide favors . Contact for any queries @