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    Opinions on our website

    online optician Adventurer

      Hi All,

      There are some great commentators on here and you folks definitely put in the effort giving feedback.

      I was wondering if anybody would be so kind as to offer us some constructive feedback on our website:

      Such as:

      1) Is it obvious what we do?

      2) Is it obvious how to do it?

      3) Is it clear what comes with the product(s)?

      4) Is our USP, (feature) clear?

      5) Is the website user friendly from a navigational point of view?

      6) Do is suggest a trust worthy place to shop?

      And so on, and so on........


      All points anybody wishes to offer, good or bad, its all good feedback if it helps us to understand our website a little more from a visitors point of view.

      Here is the site:

      Online Opticians UK

      Any feedback at all will be greatly appreciated and thanks in advance for your time.


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          Moderator Berta Guide

          Hi online optician, welcome to the community!


          I checked out your website, and I believe that it is very clear what you offer. The website seemed fairly easy to navigate to me. I found some glasses that I liked & would probably purchase if I knew my script. My one concern, from a US citizen point of view, what do the prices translate to in US dollars versus Euros? I didn't see where we could find that pricing. I think it's fantastic that you deliver world wide. That's a huge plus for your market & business.



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            bill.morillo Newbie

            Hi online optician, congratulations, I believe you have a business up and running now.


            My feedback below.



            • Add the warranty statement and return policy in your front page (I believe you already have it in the FAQ section)
            • Make your customer testimonial more visible


            • What is that that you are offering different? any value proposition you want to call out in the front page? (try to use an image with a short a nice slogan i.e faster delivery, fordable, variety, colorful, glasses for specific customer segment, etc)


            Look and feel

            • The home page has too much text.
              • Try to include more pictures of the glasses or even better people wearing them.
              • Add social media icons instead of plain text

            Technical bugs

            • Fix the Glasses Blog area in the front page,I think it has a More>> link that does not work
            • Can't tell the difference between what is text or link to other pages


            I would suggest you to track the customer interactions with your site, there are free tools in the internet that can help you identify which pages your customer are visiting, making a click on and even point where they are leaving your site. Ask your tech support for guidance.


            Hope this help you.


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              seoservicepro Ranger

              Too much motion. Get rid of the scrolling brands thing. Put navigation to those brands there instead. You already have a slideshow at the top that moves a bit too fast. The scrolling marquee right below that is just annoying and people will basically attempt to ignore it. They will use navigation if they recognize the brand though.


              Bill already told you that you have too much text. Do you want them to read or buy?


              Simplify the site. Get rid of some of the bells and whistles and the text that doesn't need to be there. Want to give them something to read? Install a blog and use the stuff you post to draw people in from social media.


              Your visitors need links to the categories, the brands, the specials you are offering and that's all.


              The slideshow at the top, the stuff about donations and all that are fine, if you replace the scrolling marquee with navigation, then something below that so you end up even with what is in the sidebar is all you need.


              The social stuff can go in the footer. You need to get traffic from your social media to your website, not get traffic from your website to your facebook page. That does you no good.


              A lot of people are recommending all the social media stuff on business home pages. They say that way people will share it with their friends. That isn't modern or new or innovative at all. It's so 1990s. Back then it was a tell-a-friend script. It didn't help then and still doesn't.


              Want to know the best places for social media links? The About Us Page and the Thank You Page after they buy something.


              You spend money on marketing and getting people to your website.


              1. Sending them elsewhere is not the desired outcome.


              2. Distracting them does not lead to more sales.


              3. Choose 3 things you want your visitors to do and stay focused on getting them to do those 3 things.


              For you it's; Choose a category, Choose a brand, mens or women's?


              The visitor has 3 choices when they get there and all 3 lead to a possible sale.


              Everything else you have there is just a distraction so minimize the distractions and give your visitors what they are looking for.


              Once again though, the benefits of buying from you and the donation thing are good at the top. Surround that with a focus on those 3 things and you have your front page the way you need it if you want to make more sales.

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                  online optician Adventurer



                  Thank you for your feedback.


                  Its all relevant stuff and clear that you know what you're talking about.


                  I agree with everything that you've said.


                  I agree with your social media comment and keeping visitors on the site and I'm going to place it on our 'about us' page as you suggest. Its difficult enough getting visitors to the website as it is and keeping them on it needs to be a priority.


                  But you know what its like, you get so engrossed in trading that you forget to keep a track of content/testing/updating, etc, etc.



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                    idkllc Adventurer

                    I TOTALLY agree.  I had to take all that wording junk off my site and give my customers what they really wanted. 


                    a. A simple way to request services.

                    b. Pictures and video's of what we do.


                    Anyone can see how basic my company website is now.



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                    bluephoenix Newbie

                    I like most of the feel of the website.  One thing that I would advise is to make use of your "white space."  There might be a bit too much text that gives a cluttered look and feel to your website.  You do not want your customers to feel intimidated when they look at your site.  I realize that you have a lot of material that you want to cover with your customers, but doing too much on the first page could push them a way and increase your bounce rate.  By showing only the bare essentials on the first page and then spreading your content into other relevant pages, you can mitigate that clustered feeling in the customer's mind.


                    Remember, if it is too difficult to find something (due to there being to much to take in) it will not help your business.


                    Joshua C. Farley

                    Owner/Creative Lead

                    Blue Phoenix Creative


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                        online optician Adventurer

                        Hi Joshua,

                        Thanks for your feedback.

                        It seems that most of are of the opinion that there is too much text, and as you've stated it is there to get points across, but maybe too much for 1 page.

                        The site has a bounce rate of 35% which is quite good for e-commerce so removing the text, or refining it should reduce that a little more.

                        Its a bank holiday weekend over here so the plan is to work on refining the text.

                        It can only help by the sounds of it,

                        Thanks again,

                        Online Optician