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    6 Ways To Effectively Use Social Media for Your Business

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      This a guest post by Marc D. Horne.  Marc is a Co-Founder of Daily Deal Builder, provider of daily deal software, solutions, and sales training.


      As a daily deal site, one of your core missions should be to help your merchants grow their audience and fan base.

      Social media is really important for all businesses (whether they care to admit it or not).

      Here 6 Ways to Use Social Media to Bring in New, Repeat Customers:

      1. Be Memorable

      Building brand awareness is often times the number one objective for most businesses and merchants. Stand apart from the crowd. Social media offers new, unique benefits when properly executed into your marketing mix.

      Share details, and even some personal info, about your company and team members. Post pictures and videos. Share remarkable content. Be memorable.

      2. Be Customer Service Superstars

      Your customers are already on social media. Answer all inquiries in a timely manner. Promote customer education. Provide customers the tools to use the full extent of your product or service.

      Post customer-centric announcements and make it about your fans.

      3. Run Events, Contests, and Promotions

      Amplify messages and promotions in event marketing campaigns. Share real-time reminders and updates to ensure your fanbase has every opportunity to be in the right place at the right time or to receive a reason to come back to your business and bring a friend.

      4. Connect Personally and Gain Valuable Feedback

      People want to connect with businesses in the exact way that they want to connect with their friends. Be human. Listen and respond to all posts, re-tweets, etc.

      5. Launch New Products, Services, or Offers

      Social Media is a great place to announce exciting news. You could build a sales funnel or lead capture funnel. Offer reasons for your fans to want to respond.

      6. Encourage User Generated Recommendations

      Once a presence is established in social media, one of the most powerful things you can do as a business is empower your users to take action and advocate on your behalf or on behalf of your brand. User generated recommendations are one of the most powerful aspects of advertising in existence today.

      Make moves today,
      Marc D. Horne