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    Michael LeRoy: Bar Member

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      Michael LeRoy is a member of several different bar associations, including the Orange County Bar Association, the Nebraska State Bar Association, the American Bar Association and the Florida Bar. Michael LeRoy is a trial lawyer who resides in Florida, where he serves as the managing partner of Fulmer, LeRoy, Albee, Bauman, a law firm of which he is a founding partner.

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          Welcome to our forum and thank you for introducing yourself to the community, Michael. Please peruse our forum and offer us your business opinions so that we may gain direction and guidance from each others experiences. I am sure that many of our community members will appreciate your expertise and value what ever information you can offer us.


          What kind of law does your firm specialize in? How long has your law firm been in practice?




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              Thanks Melinda!

              Fulmer, LeRoy, Albee, Bauman has been in business since 2007 and handles cases involving Maritime Law, Construction Law, Business Law, Workers' Compensation and Wrongful Death.

              We have law offices in Orlando, Tampa, Ft. Lauderdale and Jacksonville, Florida.



              You can learn more about my Fulmer, LeRoy, Albee, Bauman, my experience and areas of expertise on my personal website or my Justia profile.