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    Franchisee University - Learn the Truth About Franchising

    Charles Internicola Adventurer

      If you are considering buying a franchise it is important to learn everything you need to know before investing money and signing a franchise agreement. One difficult part about the research stage is sorting through fact and fiction when it comes to information and statistics. We have created an online university for individuals interested in buying a franchise where they can find the truth about franchising. Franchisee University is a free, no obligation online university with no specific start or end dates. The lessons consist of online videos, articles and a complimentary course material book. If you are interested we encourage you to learn more about Franchisee University by visiting We are continuing to add additional information to the site and within the next few weeks we will be adding information pertaining to long time faulty statistics that are used in the franchise industry (despite the International Franchise Association and Small Business Association discouraging the use of certain outdated and faulty statistics). If you have any questions or feedback about the university I'd love to hear about it. If you have questions about buying a franchise I hope you find the information on the site helpful!