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    Contests - have people had good experiences

    FCPainter Adventurer
      We just had a marketing company pitch us on the idea of sponsoring a hole-in-one competition at a major area fundraising golf tournament. Personally, I am not always a big fan of companies that use incentives and contests to promote themsleves. Have others had success with this?
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          Iwrite Pioneer
          I have seen them work very well and then I have seen them fail horribly. It really depends on the contest and the prizes.

          I'm not sure where I stand on them as a whole.

          I think having a presence at the golf event may be more important down the road. I know my clients that have participated in fundraisers for not-for-profit organizations have seen good returns on their investment. If you go into it expecting a certain level of return you may be disappointed but I was surprised how much a client realized down the road from his participation in a silent auction. He gave away two very nice items and three to four months later was still getting business from the event and from referrals from the people who won the bid on his prizes.

          Do I recommend it to every client? No. It has to be the right fit.
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            LUCKIEST Guide
            A marketing company pitch the idea of sponsoring a hole-in-one competition at a major area
            fundraising golf tournament.

            Having A Hole In One Contest Is An Excellent Revenue Generator

            Holding a hole in one contest are extremely profitable golf events,However without the right prize insurance if someone makes a hole in one
            may face financial difficulties.


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              Lighthouse24 Ranger

              I have clients that regularly sponsor these, so they obviously believe they're worthwhile. I think the key thing that makes it so effective for them is that a senior exec or a sales rep (or both) always stand at the tee-box of the sponsored hole, greet the players, do a little pitch for the company while the group at the tee waits for the green to clear, and then they cheer each player in their attempt to win the prize.

              I've played in many of these tournaments, myself -- and while I remember some of the larger prizes (matching his/her Rolex watches, BMW convertible, a new home on the golf course, etc.), I barely noticed the smaller prizes, and honestly don't remember which businesses sponsored the larger ones (a jeweler, a car dealer, and a home builder is about all I could tell you) unless someone like the owner of the business was actually there and we spoke. So I'm not convinced there's much of a tangible benefit to just donating a prize and a sign -- I think you also have to be there to sell your business, in person, for it to pay off.

              One thing that does seem to pay off without being there personally is contributing items imprinted with your business name, purpose (if it isn't self-explanatory), logo (optional), and web address to the packet that these types of tournaments give out to each player at registration. If it's something handy or useful (bag of tees, club brush, divot repair tool, spike tool, flashlight, or even a gift card for your business or the pro shop), the person will usually keep it and actually see your business name. I know a local landscaping firm that spent about $5K on this for one tournament, but got $23K in new business within a couple of months as a direct result.

              Hope this helps. Best wishes.
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                BRMcHenry Adventurer
                A like franchise of mine did this ever year on the fourth of july and got a reasonable return - in fact it was a whole in one contest and they gave away ice cream sundays' to the top 10 winners which gave them a little publicity - can't really tell if it helped their sales.

                What I did this 4th was different. Since charitable groups sell fireworks here I offered a free soft serve ice cream cone to everyone with a receipt from a nearby fireworks booth - we gave away 80 cones and got well over 160 people into the store. My tracking indicated my sales on these were light but that I gained customer counts in the days that followed. Sometimes its about getting people in!
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