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    Important for Small Business Owners to Read

    Moderator Cath Guide

      Wow, I just read Steve Strauss' latest article: Why the hacking of Target should have all small businesses scared.  He is talking about how a large business, like Target, could get hacked.  He goes on to tell how it happened and then goes on to give some of his excellent advice to small businesses. 


      He says:  "According to a recent survey by Intel Security, 6 out of 10 cyber-attacks are now directed towards small businesses."  Not what any of us wants to hear, right?   Keep on reading because he, then, goes on to give some timely tips for anyone in business.  We all need to be informed and want our business to be as safe as possible.  What are you doing to keep your business safe?  Let us hear from you. 


      Thanks again, Steve, for this article.  Hopefully it will give some direction to business owners to start (or continue) keeping their 'babies' as safe as possible.