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    Where to start?

    cpalmer2982 Wayfarer

      I want to open a event hall in the Houston area. My plan is to rent out my event hall to host various events such as babyshowers, engagement parties, conferences, birthday celebrations, retirements, etc. I have already started by business plan. I want to know what else is expected prior to applying for a business loan.  I would like to be prepared prior to applying.

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          Welcome to the community, cpalmer2982.


          Have you already found the hall or are you planning on building one? Congratulations on having your business plan started already. That's a huge undertaking by itself. Have you thought about how you will market your event hall yet? You'll want to be sure to set monies aside for marketing/advertising.


          Does anyone have any other questions or suggestions for cpalmer?



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              cpalmer2982 Wayfarer

              No I haven't found a hall yet. The thought of building crossed my mind

              however it's a little pricey. I have thought about my marketing strategy.

              I currently have a small business 'Lil' Tush is Diaper Creations. I used

              love using social media. My plan is to invite all the event planners that I

              have been associated with to a viewing of the venue.  I would of course

              make it an open event. I will advertise with fliers and build a rapport

              with business owners in the area. I also plan to generate several contest

              where people can win a free rental service with the venue via social media.

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