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    Article worth your time

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      Robert Lerose begins his article, Websites That Sell: Streamlining your e-commerce buying process, by saying:  "Your product could be just what the customer wants, your offer irresistible, your guarantee ironclad -- but if you make the online sales transaction hard or confusing, potential buyers could depart your website in lighting speed, possibly never to return."  And then he goes on to expand on that comment.


      I'm sure you, like me, have found a webpage that contains something that I really want - something I have been searching for.  So you begin the buying process and find yourself re-entering the same information over and over.  Or discover you don't really understand when you have actually ordered the item because of wording.  Well this article is just for you!


      Perhaps you will find that a few tweaks will help make the ordering process much easier on your buyers/potential returning customers.  Take a few minutes and read the article and then let us know if you agree with Robert.



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          seoservicepro Ranger

          Another mistake etailers make, and yes GoDaddy is huge, but they still break one of the oldest sales rules there is. When you have someone sold enough to hit the checkout button, let them do it.


          With sites like GoDaddy, you click buy now or whatever, then GD takes them to page after page of other things they want to sell you too.


          Get the sale, then use the thank you page to make other offers. That way, you don't irritate the customer and have them leave without even buying the first thing they chose.


          If you lose the extra sales you offered "after" making at least the original sale, you lose nothing. Look at Amazon, after you purchase, it tells you people that bought that also bought these things. That's a much better method.


          The old saying is; Samson killed 10,000 Philistines with the jawbone of an ass. Every day 10 million sales are killed with the same weapon.


          When you've closed a sale, stop making other offers until you get that one sale processed.