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    Line of Credit -- Article

    Tran Nguyen Tracker

      Hello All,


      I recently finished another short-article concerning businesses and line of credits.


      It is located on my blog. As always, feedbacks, followers, and comments are greatly appreciated.


      It makes it more fun for me to write on an active blog.


      Accounting for Your Success: One Accountant's Perspective: Line of Credit

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          Moderator Rebecca Guide

          Hi Tran,

          Thank you for sharing this extremely informative blog post explaining the pros and cons of acquiring a line of credit.  For many small businesses, a line of credit can be a lifeline in obtaining the necessary funding to start or sustain a business.


          You've been so extremely helpful on our forum, I hope that all of our members wanting to know more about Lines of Credit read your blog post.  It is a great Question and Answer guide covering the questions that many have when first exploring this option.  Looking forward to reading our member comments about your blog post.  Thank you again for sharing this!




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            pauljoachim Scout

            I endorse your article    Basing your borrowing off AR is a smart way to go.   Basing it off investment without guaranteed return is dangerous.