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    What is lacking in your accountant

    Tran Nguyen Tracker

      Hello All,


      As many of you know, I am an accountant.


      I would like to know what all of you are looking for in your ideal accountant. I have been asking my clients this question and I have gotten a wide range of answers. Everything from "Knowledgeable" to "Can keep up with me" and even "Financial Spouse".


      So I would be happy to hear what you would like in your perfect accountant and how often you think you get that level of service from your accountant. This will help me greatly in improving the way I interact with clients and service their needs.


      Thank you!




      Best Regards,

      Tran Nguyen

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          Tran, I love my accountant! She does it all. For years, any problems we have had in our business she is the first person I contact. She has been their from the very beginning and helped us grow into the successful business that we have today. So I guess you can say that she grew with us. She taught us how to effectively handle the books and what to submit for her to do our tax returns (of course this made her job easier as well). As a result we have ALWAYS gotten a large sum back from the government (even after she takes her pay and rolls over the refund to pay next years tax payments). We always get great service from her office (of course, we try and cut down contact when it's tax season because I know that she is busy). Only once did we have a situation where another employee did our taxes and that person made a mistake. She "fixed" that problem the following year (it was too late for that tax season) and found out later on that this particular employee no longer works at her office. She even gives us referrals when one of her other clients by chance happens to be looking for an Architect. In token, we do the same for her. Just last summer, I was in the need for an attorney and she furnished me with one of her clients. I wouldn't trade her for the world.

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            jaynorth Tracker

            Well i believe accountants are very much part of any business they work for. But a trait of good accountant is one who after going through every details of the company finances can easily make out, how things can get better without troubling the business much. Also they should not confide companies financial state or other details to any competitive party.

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              LessAccounting - Allan Branch Adventurer

              Hi Tran, most people fire their accountant due to the lack of communication their accountant gives them. Their client doesn't know what they're working on, if they're saving them money or if the accountant is doing a good job. Due to the accountant's lack of empathy and service accounting has turned into a commodity. Change the client's reality into its a service and you'll never have clients that leave.

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                Moderator Jim Ranger

                Great activity here, let's keep it up!