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    3 Words that Will Dramatically Change Your Business

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      Editor’s note: The following is a guest post by Marc Horne.  Marc is a co-founder of , provider of daily deal software, solutions, and sales training.


      It’s just 3 little words…

      But when these 3 little words are used in the right context and situation, they can make all of the difference for your business.

      These 3 words can;

      1. Bring you new customers.
      2. Increase your brand exposure.
      3. Increase your business’s revenue.


      Refer a Friend.”

      I view “refer a friend” as one of the most overused, yet highly effective marketing strategies in existence.

      Well, if I’m going to be honest with myself, the most overused (bordering on annoying) marketing is when Facebook users all start reposting the same thing.  Not a day goes by I don’t see some article or video where 10 or more of my friends have shared it.  A day later, it’s on to the next big story or blog that talks about 20 Ways to Know He’s Right for You, or how This Celebrity Did the Unthinkable, or insert-some-other-sappy-feel-good-let’s-hug-type-of-content HERE.

      Maybe, I’m just annoyed with the “Like” generation…

      I digress; I believe one of the most overused marketing strategies in existence today is the “Refer A Friend” strategy.

      It is, however, overused for good reason.

      It works.

      The likelihood of someone actually referring a friend greatly increases when the customer is asked or is provided easy-to-use technology that allows them to share. Let’s be honest with ourselves.  This is common sense.  By actually asking someone for a referral, you’re more likely to get one.

      So how does it work?

      It starts by over-delivering to your customers, clients, vendors, and / or merchants.  When you successfully exceed expectations, you automatically put yourself in a position to ask for a referral.

      From here, you either use technology to give them the easy ability to refer a friend or share with their social networks, or you just flat out ask “can you refer a friend?”

      On the flip side, if you under-deliver and give below par service, do not ask for a referral. There’s a good chance that you’ll get your referral, except it will be a public, negative and damaging referral to your business.

      Provide an awesome product or service, and start asking for referrals… See where that takes you.

      Make moves today,

      Marc D. Horne

      Oh, if you liked this article, refer a friend. HA!