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    Tuna Fishing Charter company

    aeggers Adventurer



      Recently one of the people I was dealing with has decided that he would be interested in starting a tuna fishing company in the US. I am keen to determine where we might  be able to offer reciprocal tuna fishing charters.


      We currently offer them in Portland Victoria, and have had great success to date, the owner comes from Europe originally and operates some successful fisheries there, would be good to get it going in the US too.

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          Hi Aeggers,


          You seem to be a man of many trades and ideas. Tell us a little bit more about the tuna fishing charters. Is it your company or a friends? How long have you been in this business? I took the liberty to look at your site. You seem to be relatively new to the game.


          I can imagine that the first step is to inquire about licensing. Would you still be running the charters for Bluefin tuna? It would also depend on which state you would like to run the charter in. Check this website out and see what you can find. Bluefin Tuna

          In the mean time, maybe one of our other members can add to this information. Good luck!