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    How forwarding to outside USA

    Dereshki Adventurer
      i dont know if any body can explain me how forward a land line phone number to a cell phone outside USA. ( switzerland )
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Go to Google.
          For example: Get a private U.S. phone number that
          forwards your calls to any country

          **What can CallMyUSNumber do
          for you ?
          * It can make communications easier for you if you \\ want callers inside the U.S. to be able to reach you when you are in another country. For example, use it while \\ traveling or on assigment overseas.

          * Create a U.S. presence without a physical office \\ in the U.S. Your U.S. callers simply dial your assigned U.S. telephone number and connect to your overseas cell \\ phone or landline phone number automatically.

          * You can now have your U.S. callers diverted to \\ any telephone number, worlwide.



          * It allows you to change your call forwarding number \\ in 'real time' online.

          * For example, you could have your assigned U.S. \\ number forward your U.S. calls to your UK mobile phone in the daytime and then switch the call forwarding number \\ to your UK landline at night


          * Hope this helps, LUCKIEST
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              Dereshki Adventurer
              I rent an office in VAN NUYS, and the renter give me a phone number, and he make the forwarding from AT& T to a VONAGE. The matter is it dont work correctely, it work when it want. I try to call 4 time and 1 time i reach the phone number... you can try what i said at 818 780 5134
              I want good quality