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    Take a look at your webpage

    Moderator Cath Guide

      I know there has been a lot written about webpages and we all are beginning to realize more and more how important they can be to our businesses.  But often we look at our webpage and just shake our heads.  It needs a lot of work to bring it current but where do we start?  Do we just start all over again or jump in and tweak what we have already?


      A very recent article, Avoid these Four Common Online Marketing Mistakes is definitely worth a read.  Take a few minutes and see if there is something of value there for your business.  Better still, ask a very good business friend to give you their honest opinion on your webpage.  THEN re-read the article and see if it is more helpful.


      Why have a webpage if it is not working for you? 


      What does your webpage say about your business and you?  What would you LIKE it to say?