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    Daily Deal Builder Offers Robust Reporting

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      Reports and Analytics

      Don’t Rely on Guesswork! Let Reports Tell You How


      Don’t Rely on Guesswork! Let Reports Tell You How You’re Doing and How to Improve.

      Immediately after logging into your administrator account or merchant portal, you are given a snapshot of some your basic website statistics and reports.

      Site analytics and reporting

      We did not want to reinvent the wheel with DailyDealBuilder’s reports, however, which is why we instead allow you to plug in a 3rd party analytics service in your settings account from something like Google Analytics, or Crazy Egg.

      Simply grab the code, and paste it directly into your site settings area and you are hooked up and ready to view the most robust reports that you can find online. We usually recommend using Google Analytics because it is free and a superb service.

      Reports - reporting features of Daily Deal Builder

      We look forward to working with you.

      Make moves today,
      - The crew