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      Task and time management can be some of the toughest things to accomplish during your workday. Email reminders, to-do lists and Google tasks are all great, but what if there was a better way? After closed its doors on Jan. 31, many businesses have been left wondering where to turn to next. SQRES (pronounced “squares”), created by Miami-based cloud-computing company and Google Apps Premier Partner 0NL9, Inc., is happy to take over where left off.

      SQRES is a web-based task management app that utilizes a work order management system to easily create, share and keep track of tasks. With SQRES, you can organize your to-do list by placing your tasks into different categories such as, “Assigned to me”, “Due to tomorrow” and “Complete” and even send task updates via email to let your project manager know that your work is “just beginning,” “in progress” or “complete.” Real-time e-mail updates keep you and your team organized while keeping your customers up to date.

      Like, SQRES is compatible with your Google Apps Account. And because 0NL9, Inc. is a Google Apps Premier Partner, its customer support staff is available to answer any of your Google and SQRES-related questions. .