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    Hello my name is Daniel Bedford

    longbed11 Adventurer

      I would like to introduce myself. My name is Daniel and I am a commercial/hard money finance broker and promotional items broker. I have helped people with the following:

      • commercial financing for multi-family housing, mixed use buildings, construction, etc
      • hard money loans for single family rehabs
      • factoring and accounts receivables to help their businesses grow
      • land purchases
      • bankruptcy bailouts
      • church financing
      • commercial refinancing
      • Printing, printed t-shirts, banners, sports equipment, whatever you can think of I can supply you
      • Marketing and customer connectivity with an online greeting card company. It is worth the time to look at

      I don't know everything but I am always willing to assist someone who is trying to better themselves. Feel free to email me with questions or needs to and we can talk more.


      This site has been very good to see what everyone is dealing with.


      Thank you