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    Website Blunders that Top Web Designers never make

    APSharma Adventurer

      The biggest error that is made these days while creating a new site is the use of same tricks, tools and ideas for each new project.


      While looking for new tricks i found the blog that may be useful for the website owners.


      Check it our at :

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          Moderator Rebecca Guide

          Thank you for sharing this informative blog post, APSharma!  I thoroughly agree with the 3 blunders discussed, especially the overuse of stock photos.  When i am perusing a website for a possible purchase or partnership, I want to see pictures of the actual items, or services that I am interested in.  When I can clearly tell that a photo is "stock" and not unique to the company, it makes me wonder what else might not be "exactly as described" from the company. 


          Do any of our other community members have any Website Blunders they'd like to add to this list?