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    Did you lose your health insurance?


      The whole country is watching to see what the new healthcare plan will bring. Many people without healthcare will be able to now receive coverage, which is a good thing. But how many of you have lost healthcare coverage? I have the unfortunate experience of talking with many small business owners that are now faced with this very big dilemma. It seems that the laws have recently changed and any LLC that is solely being run by family members have lost their title (with in the healthcare industry) as a small business and therefore; can no longer be covered under their business insurance policy. They now have one of four choices: bring a non-family member as an employee to keep their present coverage, change the status of the company from an LLC to a C Corp., apply for a private insurance policy, or apply for Obamacare. Most of the small business owners I know who have fallen in this category can not afford the insurance premiums for a private policy, would like to keep the family business as a family business, don't want to change the company status (that would be a VERY big nightmare and would lose all the benefits of an LLC) obviously, and plain and simple don't want the coverage that Obamacare has to offer (paying for less is just not cost effective). Many are down right panic stricken and don't know what to do. The fear of losing their business is very high at this juncture.


      Do you know of anyone who fits this category? If so, how are they dealing with it? Anyone have any great suggestions with in our forum?

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          seoservicepro Ranger

          I didn't have any and now I will, with a pre-existing condition. I bring thatv up because many people have lost site of some of the things the bill will do for people.


          That being said, the bill they call Obamacare isn't the end of the changes that need to be made to healthcare in this country. it's the beginning.


          Does it need work? Yes. Is it perfect? No. Do we know all of the problems and the benefits that will occur because of it? No.


          But, healthcare is 1/6 of the US economy and politicians and their corporate sponsors have resisted making any changes to what makes them rich for too long.


          With a pre-existing condition and no health insurance, I had to go to the emergency room. If I was not able to pay the high cost of that, who do you think pays for it? The taxpayers.


          The big companies that like the status quo don't care if the taxpayers foot the bill. They take taxpayer's money all the time with corporate welfare.


          The buy up small farms to get the farm subsidies. They lobby to get the SBA to raise their definition of what a small business is so their subsidiaries can get the government loans meant for small business owners. They get all of the big subsidies.


          So the taxpayer footing the bill for the uninsured is nothing as long as they can keep their own costs down.


          To answer your question, No. I don't personally know anyone that has lost their health insurance. I'm sure some have and some will. I'm sure there will be unintended bad consequences from this bill. I know there will be benefits from it.


          Everyone is always talking about keep the bill or repeal the bill. No one talks about fixing it. Example; I agree tort reform should have been part of it since it's one of the biggest reasons healthcare costs so much. So, make an amendment and get it passed.


          It is the job of Congress to amend bills as necessary. People can blame those who passed the bill all they want, but Congress has not proposed any real amendments to make the law better. Making speeches about repealing it will not fix healthcare.


          Our representatives and Senators running around and saying it doesn't work has as much affect as my mechanic running around saying my car is broken. If he doesn't fix it, it stays broke.


          Not fixing healthcare is not an option. No one has said, let's pass this other healthcare reform bill instead. They just say repeal the only one that has gotten passed in decades. If they do repeal it, it will be decades before anyone does anything about health care.


          Sorry for the length of the post.

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              Thank you seoservicepro for your point of view. But my question was more toward the business angle and not the healthcare issue per say. I do agree that for those of us who did not have healthcare to begin with it is very good. The biggest problem seems to be that the law change caused many businesses to lose their title as a business. That has sent a very alarming ripple through those owners who fit that category. It makes them wonder if eventually they will lose their business status altogether. There have been also conversations on how many new businesses will not be able to open doors because of this law (unless you open anything other than an LLC). Many people start small and almost always with family first. Your thoughts on this? 

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                  seoservicepro Ranger

                  Like I said, the new law is going to have both negatives and positives. That's why Congress needs to act to make amendments that fix the problems. That's their job. Instead, they are all carrying a sign that says "Repeal Obamacare".


                  If it gets repealed, we go back to a broken system. At least the new law is an attempt to do something, instead of doing nothing, which is what Congress is doing.


                  They would rather play politics than do their job and make a serious effort to fix the bill.


                  No law ever passed pleased everyone. No law ever passed was perfect. That's why we have Congress; to fix or amend laws that get passed. So my question is; if business owners are suffering, and they know it isn't likely to get the law appealed, why aren't they fixing it instead of doing nothing?

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                      While I do agree with you whole heartedly with the politics end, Seoservicepro ,in terms of business, the idea of changing a law which negatively effects the growth of a company makes no sense what so ever. The whole idea behind Obamacare is to provide everyone with healthcare. Someone has to pay for that and we all know who that someone is going to be. So if I can't run my business the way it was or possibly start a new one, how is this helpful? My guess to your question is that this law change effects a small percentage of businesses so, why bother fixing it? You lose a small percentage but the gain is greater. Great theory. But we forgot the ripple effect. The country is having a hard time trying to recover from a recession. This will only make the recovery harder and slower. Question is, what is in place to stop the small percentage from spreading to the rest of the businesses?

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                          seoservicepro Ranger

                          You said; "My guess to your question is that this law change effects a small percentage of businesses so, why bother fixing it?"


                          On the contrary. I want it fixed as reiterated throughout my posts. But it's the job of Congress to do that and they aren't doing it. They are taking an all or nothing approach. Either "keep the law or repeal it", and leaving out the option of fixing it.


                          To your "Question is, what is in place to stop the small percentage from spreading to the rest of the businesses?"


                          It's called the legislative branch. People should be writing their congress persons and telling them to make amendments to fix the problems associated with it, instead of drinking the kool-aid that there is only two options, keep or repeal.