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    How much should you budget to set up and run a website

    SJCarpentry Wayfarer
      Thinking of creating a website for my company and wanted to understand about how much people would budget to a) get one set up and b) run and improve it each year. I don't want to do anything on the cheap as my business is not about being cheap (we are about being the best). Obviously, as carpenters, we won't need to do transactions, but I would like to allow people to book estimates.

      Can people give me a sense of what they've budgeted and tough lessons learned?
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          xenopod Adventurer
          Have you considered what you want your site to do? Have you considered how you want it to look? Do you have your own domain name yet? Do you have your own hosting? You mentioned you want reservation and estimate functionality into the site, have you determined how you want estimates calculated and how you want to handle the online reservations? These and other concerns would be important to your website.

          I have suggested this to others before who have asked similar questions:

          I would suggest looking at an RFP site like and submitting a project providing as best of an outline as possible of what you want. Then select for the budget the option "Not Sure / Confidential" that way you will get bids all across the board. Look through the bids and look at the freelancer's and company's profiles, references, and portfolio and determine which one most holistically fits your needs and expectations.

          I have multiple profiles on one for graphic design, one for web development, and one for programming. So I do bid on projects on the site, outside of that I have no other kind of relationship with the site, but I can tell you from being someone who bids on projects on the site and has posted projects on the site it will provide you a very strong and diverse set of canidates to meet your needs.

          If you would like additional help or a quote from my company please feel free to contact us using the contact link on our website:

          Good luck in your search and let us know how things turn out.
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            virtuinc Newbie

            If you are looking for real, real, real general costs for budgeting in a business plan, as other posts have mentioned a website typically is not a standard cost because it can grow or contract based upon your original, as well as long term needs.

            Some costs - you can plan for:
            Domain name registration (ie: - $15/year
            Website hosting - Average about $30/month - no ecommerce, basic website
            For something like a 10 page, real basic website, it may take somewhere between 60 - 100 hours for someone to produce. Freelance rates (like may run as low as $45/hour, where an agency could run upwards of $150/hour, so you can see where I am going with this.
            For maintenance (updating) of a website - about 8 hours per month at the rates listed above.

            You also have the free options available of creating a blog too if you have a start up company. Although, form a design perspective, not always the most professional look, but it can be appropriate as well.

            Hope that helps!
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              websolutions Tracker
              To make it easier for you, I can design the website you have in mind for about $500.00 Lump Sum. This Includes: up to 10 custom pages of website design, custom logo + one free revision - additional revisions @ $50.00 ea. Navigation, Color Scheme, Layout, Basic On-Page SEO, 1 Hour of brainstorming session, website stats code integration, business listing on If you have any questions about any of the terms I have used above, please let me know. If you are interested, let me know, I will definitely take care of your web design needs. Also, this does not include web hosting but can get you one for about $120+- per year.

              Email me or reply to this post if you have any questions.

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                NorthernWeb Newbie
                Hi, the cost of a website depends fully on what you are expecting from your system. It all depends on the number of pages, the content, if there is the need of any ommerce, forms needed etc. I run a web design compnay We offer a very good service for very good prices. i you would like, you can visit our website and fill in the query form and we are happy to send you a free estimate whithin 24hrs. Our company is not about being the cheapest but producing the best product for the cheapest prices. Thank You

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                  Iwrite Pioneer

                  Find some examples of websites you like, and sites that you feel do what you need your website to do, and create a list from that of the features you want. This will have a huge impact on the cost of your site. Instead of getting cost from this forum, which is slanted low, I suggest you ask 3 or 4 web designers in your area to bid on the job and get an accurate estimate for what you need.

                  Here are some things that you might want to consider along with your list:
                  Are you going to want Flash?
                  Is there a photo shoot involved?
                  Is copy going to need to be written(if you are about being the best - this is important)?
                  Are you going to want maintenance for the site?

                  Depending on where you are, you can find really good designers to produce the website you need. They really need to help with the photo shoot.

                  Here is my disclaimer: The opinions express above are mine only and are not an attack on the quality or workmanship of any person on this forum. They are my opinions about what it takes to do a website for a client that cares about how the website looks and works - a client that wants to stand out. These opinions may not work for you but they were not addressed to you. lol
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                    Peter63 Wayfarer
                    In my experince, it's a dynamic process, in terms of both the site and financing it. I find each facet evolves depending upon the strategies of marketing and site content. Your site can be up and running for say, under $20 a month but then it's down to what you want to do with it. I spend nothing some months, then $400 another month, outsourcing content, depending upon marketing strategy.
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                        RongDesign Adventurer
                        When I do a clients website I factor many things in:

                        1. Web Hosting - $6.99 to $19.99 a month @

                        2. Domain Name - Free with Every Hosting Plans

                        3. Web Design - $200 a week on average for design services

                        4. Customized E-Commerce - Usally takes 3 - 6 weeks to design

                        With these factors all put together a site (as I plan them for customers) will usaly average out between $600 and $1,500. $100 to $200 of that being your annual hosting and domain fee. The rest covering the designers labor.

                        Hope this helped.

                        Thank you,
                        Dave Moore @