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    Looking into Fedex Ground Route

    lebnyc Newbie

      HI, I am interested in purchasing 2 Fedex Ground route in the very near future.  The routes according to my calculations net about 95k with owner just managing with 2 drivers and 2 helpers or 118,000 as I plan on doing it as replacing one helper and learning the business and how to drive the route for at least the first year.  All sounds good on paper just not sure why an owner would sell something that seems like such a sure thing.  What worries me since I am paying about triple net is that being how Fedex only gives you a one year contract what is to say that I can make this money this year and let's say totally screwed next year or the following.  Is this a real concern or can anyone respond telling me that this route is forever or at least 5-10 years without a worry.  I don't mind investing I just want to be sure that as long as I comply with all fedex rules and regulations I will keep this route to at least pay back my investment.  Please if there are any Fedex contractors that have insider information to why I should not do this please let me know.