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    Investment, Cost involved for Online Store Startups

    Sameera Khan Navigator

      Its not easy to exactly estimate the actual investment, cost and logistics involved  starting an  Online Store. It totally depends upon the type of industry you have chose for your eCommerce business. There are lots of areas that you need money for, like supply chains, hiring logistic services and many more and most importantly "development of eCommerce Store".

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      The main area where your eCommerce business cost depends is the type of eCommerce Solution you have opt for.


      Hosted eCommerce:- These solutions are quite inexpensive and you may get these in $50-$250, these are least recommended by experts as you can't make an Online Store according to your requirements.


      Semi Customized:- These are considered as one of the eCommerce Solution for an Online Store.  Using shopping cart systems like Magento, you can customize your Online Store. You have to hire a team of developers to develop an eCommerce website. Such eCommerce Solution range between $3500-$7000.


      Custom eCommerce Solutions:- If you need really an engaging Online Store and a global market place for your business then nothing is best than opting for custom eComerce Solutions. No doubt that these eCommerce Solutions are Costliest but investing in such solutions is one of the best choice. The price of Customized eCommerce plans totally depends upon the requirements you have mentioned in development of an Online Store. .


      Online Startups always face such type of problems when it comes to choosing an eCommerce Solution.