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    Dear Small Biz Owners: Virtual Telephone System, Anyone?

    jbmalik Wayfarer
      Small Business Owners/Entrepreneurs: I Need Your Questions About Virtual Phone Systems

      Small Business Owners/Entrepreneurs:

      Are you considering buying a phone system for your small business? I do some PT marketing of virtual phone systems like RingCentral (see this link to view RingCentral: But my market research leads me to small business owners who don't know exactly what a Virtual Phone System is, and/or what it does. So, if I were to offer you, the small business owner/entrepreneur, a Virtual Phone System for (say) $9.95 a month, what questions would you ask me?

      e.g.: Do I need any equipment? Why is it so cheap? What does it do that a normal phone system doesn't do? etc.

      And if you DO have a Virtual Phone System, what things do you like (or dislike)?

      Thank you (I will share all my answers with you upon request!)

      -J.B. Malik
        • Re: Dear Small Biz Owners: Virtual Telephone System, Anyone?
          Lighthouse24 Ranger
          We have a virtual phone system in cities where we regularly conduct seminars, but don't maintain a staffed office. I like the price, the straightforward on-line billing, the full range of features, the fact that extra features can be added/deleted or turned on/off easily (so we only pay for the extras we need on a specific number during a particular month), and the fact that we can have a local listed number in a place I might only work six to twelve days a year. Sound quality is not quite what I'd want in our main office system, but it's certainly adequate for these satellite locations.

          Hope this helps your research.