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    Reasons why your eCommerce business has low sales

    Sameera Khan Navigator

      Aren't you satisfied with your eCommerce website sales? What do you think is the reasons of having low sales, low conversions, high bounce rate? It might be because of bad website design, low page loading speed, low security and any other reason. Have a look at these things that might be reason of your eCommerce business low sales and revenues:-

      • Website Design:- Design of any website matters a lot for any website  and that also in case of eCommerce Online Website. Now you might think that websites like Amazon, ebay have a simple website design then how they manage to do well?  No doubt that they kept all thing simple but they have managed all things in an organized way that let users to stay at those websites. Proper Navigation and search option s are must in any website.


      • Page Speed:- Low page speed irritates user and that force them to leave website. Always check your website's page loading speed. Huge code might be the reason of low page speed. Try to replace unwanted code with a small and unique code.


      • Not SEO friendly:- If your website is not Search engine Optimized. then it won't get easily visible in SERP's and it may loose organic searches and missed out lots of visitors and traffic.


      • Trust and Security:- User avoid those websites where they find unwanted Popups and security issues. Do not let your users go away from your website due to such reason. Your website Security depends upon your website hosting company you have chosen. Always opt for  a good, reputed domain hosting websites. This will cost you little bit more but you can fetch those chances that you might have missed out for conversion and further lead generation.


      • Avoid Promotional Popus in your website:-  If you  are a startup, and doesn't have much brand value then avoid using promotional Popus in your website. This may irritates users, and user might leave your website. This will lead to low traffic and visitors and you may loose your website sales.


      • Bad Content and irrelevant images:- If your site has good web UI but instead of that it is not performing well then bad content and irrelevant images might be the reason behind. Attractive images of product attracts more than half of the visitors to website.


      • Not More Payment Options:- If you have provided limited payment options then users might not like it. May be user doesn't have account on those. So try to give more payment options.


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