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    Is it essential to optimize website for mobile?

    Diana Perk Tracker

      “Is it essential to optimize website for mobile “- this question always burst up in your brain while running business. The reason is because of rapidly growing use of Smartphone devices which becoming a growing channel for business.


      According to the survey done by market professionals, they claimed that Mobile traffic currently makes up 10% of global Internet traffic. So optimizing website for mobile become essential for offering great experience to visitors.


      So far there are many businesses that have not yet optimize their website for mobile, making their potential visitors frustrating with difficult navigation, poor design and slow website loading time.


      The market professionals examined that


      1. Mobile website converts your visitor into mobile purchases and let you visitors return to a site in the future if the experience on mobile is good.


      2. If you website doesn’t provide the key information the visitors looking for, then they drive towards your competitor websites.


      3. A negative impression of your website may harm you company brand image.


      To overcome these problems, I discovered few points that ensure your website mobile design is attractive and increases revenues:

      1.  Try to make your website navigation easy and consistent.


      2. Properly designed images as images speak for you.


      3.  Avoid use of pop up windows.


      4.   Proper use of CTA (call to action)


      5. Updated and Useful information


      6.  Avoid use of Flash.


      7.  Website Loading Time


      Try to make use of these factors while optimizing website for mobile.

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          crifjohnson Tracker

          As a matter of fact mobile playing vital role for increasing the area of business. The era actually called mobile era, Every visitor continuously spend more time by operating mobile. I agree with the all point you have mentioned above.The most important think how much responsive and user friendly your website Is?? 

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            Great points Diana. I know personally, when someones mobil app takes forever to load or doesn't give me the right information at the drop of dime I get frustrated and just go to someone else. Most people use their phones when they need information on the go. I can't tell you how many times I have picked a place to eat just because their information was available at that point in time.


            What other frustrations does anyone else encounter when they are using mobil information on the go?