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    Manufacturer Response

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      Good Morning to all !

      I am new to this forum, and I'm excited and also nervous about Incorporating a business I've dreamed of for most of my adult life, since becoming a mom 23 years ago. I would like to incorporate. a home furnishing business with such items as, bath towels, bedding (sheets, comforters, bath robes etc.)
      I'm looking for some sound advice as what steps to take, when you're interested in CORPORATING a small business like a "Bed, Bath and Beyond" type of retail. How do you go about contacting or getting a response from places that ship merchandise as such for your small business? I have no business space, I was thinking about researching "kiosk" rental space within a mall or flee market. Any advice as to what the first steps I should take in getting my dream off the ground?

      And also, my business capital would come from my own pockets. I work full time, and have learned through speaking with a bank or two, that applying for a business loan/credit that although you have an EIN, your personal security number is still being factored into the process. Why is this? Hope someone can help. Thanks, in advance.