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    Instagram, is it just a teenage fad?


      In this day and age of technology, as business owners we must keep up with growing trends to set ourselves apart from the competition. Instagram has emerged as the "newest trend" among teenagers. Why wouldn't it be? Who wouldn't be attracted to a place where you can get together with your friends to share pictures, ideas, and now they are rolling out video. I have seen cases where the atmosphere is very similar to a live chatroom. Instagram has the capability of informing thousands of people in a matter of seconds from the minute a picture is posted using the technology of a hashtag. Question is, will this stay a "teenage" trend or will businesses catch the wave and cash in? Will Instagram be the next Facebook?


      Do you as a business use Instagram as a form of marketing? If so, how's that working out for you? If not, are you considering it? What do you see as a concern when it comes to marketing on Instagram if any? Would love to hear your professional business opinions!