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    25trekker1 Adventurer
      What does it mean when a thread is "locked"? Who has the authority to "lock a thread?" Does a member have to file some sort of an appeal to get it unlocked.
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          What does it mean when a thread is "locked"????
          Where?? on this web site????
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            xenopod Adventurer
            This site is moderated. Clearly they have the authority to lock threads.

            This is the moderator/administrator profile for the site: CommunityTeam

            They have an email address in their profile you can possibily ask them whatever questions you have about your thread.
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              Lighthouse24 Ranger

              If you are asking about a thread you initiated, I know that a few of yours I followed or participated in seemed to trigger emotional responses from several members. This could have resulted in one or more "report as inappropriate" submissions. This in turn would cause a moderator to examine the thread, and if he/she felt it was going "off track" (e.g., becoming more of a theological or political debate than a small business discussion consistent with the site's stated purpose), he/she might have locked the thread so all the posts up to that point could still be read, but no additional posts could be made (and no more "inappropriate" reports would have to be fielded from the thousands of readers who may yet view the thread for months in the future). Another option that's available to a moderator is to just delete the thread entirely.

              Bank of America sponsors this site, it's their logo up at the top, and they can certainly make and enforce whatever rules they want -- but honestly, it seems to me that the moderators have been extremely "hands off" except when community members report problems. So, as noted above, you might be able to "appeal" a locked thread to the moderators -- but my guess is if they locked a thread, it was in response to reports from the community, not because of any personal decision or BoA policy. Hope this helps.