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    Website Startup Tips and Advice

    Diana Perk Tracker

      Technology is changing frequently.By 2020, few market professionals predict that 90% of transactions will take place online or be internet-influenced.Many business used their website to generate more conversion yet in recent years more start up business getting online to reach millions of customers.

      Creating a powerful web presence is the first & preeminent requirement of an online business.And having a professional business image will help in your long journey that  compel folks to trust you and your business.You cannot expect to earn enough without having met this criterion.


      1) Create Unique Branding Strategy

      Create a strategy before kick starting your business online, to appear different.Get a logo that depicts your business and leaves unforgettable impression. Your website should distinct you clearly from your competitors so that the buyers can differentiate you. Think exclusively, whether it is the color scheme, taglines or graphics of a page.

      2) Get a Customized Design

      Personalization is required to meet the individual goals of a business. Without appropriate customization, you cannot convince the visitors that they have reached the right place. It is also required to highlight the most impressive and unique features of your business.


      3) Put your online marketing efforts together

      Take up E-marketing as an integral part of your business requisites. it starts from the design phase itself as you need to create a design that can solve your SEO, PPC & conversion problems too.

      Getting all this done with limited funds may not be possible for you at the nascent stage of your business. To beat this trouble, find out the companies that offer complete packages for it.

      Getting quality at reasonable cost is the biggest problem that most of the startups face today. To meet this condition get free consultation with web design experts like Fatbit has created rare combination of affordability and quality in its web design packages.

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          Great advice Diana. I know that many of our members will benefit from your tips.


          Most of the problem does occur at the start up. Creating a good website can get very expensive. Many times, a new business can only afford the typical cookie cutter website. What would you say is a far guestimation of how much a start up company should set aside for website design? I know when we started our company over 13 years ago the yellow pages charged us a flat fee for the initial design ( about $300 dollars) and then we had a monthly maintenance fee which included 3 major design changes during the year. That fee was about $50 a month.



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            kimmy burguess Adventurer

            Thans Diana for this wonderful post! A well-designed website attracts visitors fromall corners. Make the design relevant to your business. Also the content of your website needs to be captivating and informative to the customer. Encourage customer interaction, make a section for them to comment, this will show that you care.

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              edesonmaverick Newbie


              Awesome post about the web designing.All the points mentioned are worth considering while designing website.In today's time good website counts a lot.So it is very important to choose a proper web designing company who can offer all these services like creative web designing,logo designing,social media optimization and other services for the branding and marketing of website over the internet. Check this out for some more details about web designing.

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                Susan Brown Wayfarer

                Hi Diana,


                These are some good tips...


                There's just one point I want to bring up. If you are running an online business or even an offline micro business (ie 10 or fewer employees), that relies on an online presence, then hiring an outside company to do your online marketing and branding may not be feasible.  It's expensive and many of these companies are sadly not qualified or skilled enough to do what they claim.


                I've found that the best thing to do is to hire 1 to 3 individuals in-house to handle all the important online marketing activities, such as content creation and promotion, social media activity, and web development. Not only is it cheaper, but it's often the more effective option. If any one is interested, I have a collection of free sample job descriptions for these kinds of positions that can be downloaded and tweaked as needed: