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      Has anyone used an online program called REGSERVO?  It can be downloaded from the internet in order to "clean" your registry files and speed up the performance of your computer.  It sounds great. However, you are required to call the company and "register" the program.  A representative with the company then takes over the controlls of your computer and demonstrates how many other files may also be slowing down the computer and that for several hundred dollars more, they can clean the other files.  I am concerned that my personal information may have been compromised.

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          Hi Nube,


          I did a little searching for you. It looks like REGSERVO might be legitimate, because the it is a Certified McAfee secure site.   However, you might want to consider uninstalling the REGSERVO program because it has several poor reviews by users.


          In general, "cleaner" programs are not needed because Windows does a pretty good job of maintaining its own registry.  However, if you still feel you need a registry cleaner you should consider a program called CCleaner which offers a free version and is highly recommended.


          Hope this helps a bit.



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            Setting up a call center and arming people with a sales script isn't really the way of those who wish to compromise your system and get your data.  So I would venture to say they are legitimate in the sense that probably aren't trying to take your data.  Your money on the other hand, that's a different story.  Registry files aren't your biggest issues in terms of performance.  Keeping viruses, malware, and spyware off of your computer, making sure the hardware requirements of the software you intend to use aren't overwhelming your machine, ridding yourself of unneeded software (particularly when they run processes automatically at start up) , adjusting settings on your machine such as file indexing, cleaning out unnecessary files particularly in your temp folder, adjusting visual display setting are your best bets for keeping a fast machine. Machine performance problems is considered to be a big market so there's a lot of people who want to sell you their solution.


            You might find this from Microsoft helpful:


            Speed up my slow computer