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    What's working for you on LinkedIn?

    proresource Adventurer

      More and more people are using LinkedIn for lead generation. I thought it would make an interesting discussion to share some tips about what's working and what isn't.


      I'll start... We find LinkedIn a good place to run experiments about what type of customer is our best target.


      For example, my company could target CEOs, VPs of Sales, and VPs of Marketing. So we ran an experiment on LinkedIn to find out who was most interested in what we do. We sent 50 connect requests to each group and measured the acceptance rate. The result was this:

      1. CEOs   72%

      2. VP Sales   66%

      3. VP Marketing   54%


      So now we target our communications to CEOs, since they were most receptive.


      What are you doing on LinkedIn that's new and different?