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    how to make the ads be effective?

    Lucy Adventurer

      Dear all:


      We are run a small business for the years,we use the alibaba to expose our manufactory goods which has no good effetive,then we change to the SEO way to expect some profit.what a bad surprise which still no any more good news for us.what to my surprised that I read some more passage about the SEO,the author all said this enligsh SEO drivers are all cheaters,the SEO to make outlinks for the site compeletely no what a method to make the traffic to the site it depend on the website quality itself,that's to say,we must ask a very good site company to do this and spent a lot do you think so?


      Do u think all the SEO companies are cheaters?


      Now we also think of the third way to make the ads for us,the place is professional forum to contact the edition or admin or some good friends.but this idea still not good,why as I doing this i find the WESTERN friends don't like advertise in the forum especially on the professional how can do it?


      We chinese forum plenty of the advertise and the admin still be friend with us.everybody who can give me your hand?


      THANKS VERY MUCH,by the way,welcome to interact with friends who are interested in the CHINESE MARKET,

      We are manufactory the DC DC converter and AC DC converter ,transformers..





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          Welcome to the forum, Lucy. Please peruse our forum and offer us your business opinions so that we may gain direction and guidance from each others experiences. I am sure that many of our community members will appreciate your expertise and value what ever information you can offer us.


          Lucy my advice to you is not meant as a put down or dig in anyway. But it would help if you were able to express your thoughts more fluently in english. It is very hard to understand what it is that we can help you with. This may be the cause of your ineffectiveness in the American market. I also took the liberty to view your web site. I found many grammatical errors. My suggestion to you is hire someone whose mouth tongue is english. This will catapult you forward in the marketing race.


          Good luck.



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            katandmouse Adventurer

            Hi Lucy,

            I'll answer your question about SEO because that's one thing I do. No, not all SEOs are cheaters, but many are because "cheating" used to be what worked, and it didn't take too much training or experience to learn how to cheat Google, so they did. But things have changed. Google is getting pretty good at filtering out the bad from the good, so SEOs either need to learn to do it Google's way or get out.


            Your challenge as a business owner is to find an SEO who follows Google's guidelines. There are many of us out there and you can tell us apart because we put marketing first. You won't hear us saying we're going to get you 1000 backlinks a month, and you won't even hear us talk much about optimizing your metatags or even your website for that matter. What you will hear from us is that we'll work on your marketing and make sure your messaging on your website sells your product well. Then you'll hear us talk about creative ways we can get you inbound links from high quality websites to get your rank to go up. And you'll hear us talk about reaching out to your target market and influencers in your industry. We may only promise 4 backlinks a month, but they will count.


            Before I'd recommend SEO or pay per click for you though, I'd recommend you improve the messaging on your website - and I'm not just talking about your use of the English language. I don't see a value proposition there, or a differentiator. It's not clear why I should buy from you and not your competitor. So I'd work on that first. Won't help to get everyone to your website if it can't do the job of selling for you.



            Kathy Long

            Kat & Mouse

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              mwcc tc Newbie

              Some SEOs are definitely cheaters, but you have to know what to look for in order to weed them out.


              I have a few companies I send work to each month, I would post them here but I just joined and I don't want a mod to think I'm advertising


              Be sure to contact any website before you purchase from them.  Some SEO websites are just up to collect cash and then they will kill the site and make a new one.  Now you can normally get your money back from a payment via paypal or with your credit/debit card.  But what some of these tricky sites do is make seperate accounts for their churn and burn methods and just drain the account after they make a few big sales.


              Don't be afraid, this rarely happens     I'd say that 99.9999% of people selling SEO online are trying to run a genuine business.  There aren't many scammers out there, just buyers who didn't read the fine print lol.


              Build a relationship with your SEO person and if it feels a little shifty then back out immediately.  Don't do what I did and test out a few dozen at a time, you'll just waste money.  Test them out one by one and see who has the best communication with you and also the best rankings.  When I say "rankings" I'm not referring to the SEO companies rankings in the search engines, I'm talking about your rankings after you hire them.   A lot of people will say "Just see if they are ranked for their own keywords, since they're an SEO company they should be able to do that easily."  But the truth is that most SEO companies don't do much SEO on their own sites because a competitor could just reverse engineer all their work and that's never good