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    Fed routes in Ga

    Alex Newbie

      Has any one purchased any FedEx routes from Georgia lately, I am interested in purchasing one, will need some one to talk to about it. I am considering the FedEx and the Pepperidge farm distribution - any insight from any one here will be very helpful. I am been in corporate America for the past 10 years, first time I am doing some thing for myself. I gleaned a lot from the Mike and his information on acquiring a Fedex route, he did the most thorough job I have ever seen online. Thanks for you response.

        • Re: Fed routes in Ga
          LUCKIEST Guide

          Welcome Alex.

          No, I have NOT purchased a FedEx route, but do have two suggestions.

          One is a Business Plan. The Bus Plan is like a road map to success.

          Two: Talk to a SCORE Counselor in person or online.

          SCORE is FREE and helps people starting a business.


          Happy New Year and good luck, LUCKIEST