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    Increase Your Social Media Sales By 50% or MORE In 2014!

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      Increase Your Social Media Sales By 50% or More In 2014!


      The Facebook eCourse consists of 22 detailed Chapters:


      Chapter 1: Facebook for Business: The Relevance, Chapter 2: Create Your Facebook Profile, Chapter 3: Editing Your Profile, Chapter 4: Setting Up Your Profile: Account Settings, Chapter 5: Setting Up Your Profile: Privacy Settings, Chapter 6: Privacy Settings - Contact Information, Chapter 7: Basic Directory Information, Chapter 8: Privacy Settings - Applications and Websites, Chapter 9: Privacy Settings: Wall and News Feed, Chapter 10: Strategic Friending, Chapter 11: Creating Friend Lists, Chapter 12: Creating User Name Link, Chapter 13: The Wall, Chapter 14: Adding Photos, Chapter 15: Creating a Facebook Group, Chapter 16: Create Your Business Page, Chapter 17: Editing Your Fan Page, Chapter 18: Fan Page Strategy, Chapter 19: Creating Events on your Page, Chapter 20: Promoting Your Page, Chapter 21: Page insights, Chapter 22: Advanced Facebook Strategies ***Exclusives: ***Facebook Checklist for Success ***Suggested morning Facebook activity ***Suggested mid-day/evening Facebook activity.


      The Twitter eCourse consists of 25 detailed Chapters:


      Chapter 1: What is Twitter?, Chapter 2: Why Use Twitter?, Chapter 3: Getting Started, Chapter 4: Customize your Twitter page, Chapter 5: Branding On Twitter, Chapter 6: Customizing Your Twitter Page, Chapter 7: Mobile and Notices Settings, Chapter 8: Tweeting, Chapter 9: Finding and Following People on Twitter, Chapter 10: Other Ways to Increase Your Following, Chapter 11: Organize Your Followers, Chapter 12: Twitter Etiquette, Chapter 13: Twitter Terminology, Chapter 14: Twitter Strategies - Hashtags, Chapter 15: Twitter Strategies – Hashtags, Chapter 16: Twitter Strategies - Contests, Chapter 17: Twitter Strategies – Twitter Parties, Chapter 18: Timesaving Strategies, Chapter 19: Additional Twitter Applications & Tools, Chapter 20: Content Resources, Chapter 21: Monitoring Tools, Chapter 22: Managing Your Follower List, Chapter 23: How do I measure success?, Chapter 24: Additional Resources, Chapter 25: Twitter Success Plan and Checklist.


      The LinkedIn eCourse consists of 19 detailed Chapters:


      Chapter 1: Why have a Linkedin Profile? , Chapter 2: How to Get Started On Linkedin , Chapter 3: Creating your Linkedin Profile , Chapter 4: The Anatomy of a Linkedin Profile, Chapter 5: Privacy Settings on Linkedin, Chapter 6: Creating Connections, Chapter 7: Managing Introductions, Chapter 8: Beginning the Conversation, Chapter 9: Grow Your Sphere Of Influence Through Linkedin Groups, Chapter 10: Adding Applications, Chapter 11: Linkedin Events, Chapter 12: Add video to your profile, Chapter 13: The Power of Recommendations, Chapter 14: Using Questions and Answers, Chapter 15: Using Linkedin Ads, Chapter 16: Listing your company on Linkedin, Chapter 17: Following Companies, Users or Discussions, Chapter 18: Creating Your Linkedin Strategy, Chapter 19: Checklist for Success.


      The YouTube eCourse consists of 8 Bonus Chapters:


      Chapter 1: Building Your Brand on the Internet, Chapter 2: Keyword research, Chapter 3: Local Search Engine Listings, Chapter 4: Building the Site, Chapter 5: Link Building Using Online Classifieds, Chapter 6: Online Press Releases For Link Building, Chapter 7: Creating Links Using Blogs, Chapter 8: Social Bookmarking, Chapter 9: Analyzing Your Site, Chapter 10: Creating Links through Article Writing, Chapter 11: Creating Links Through Directory Submissions.


      Video Chapter 1: Video Marketing, Video Chapter 2: Getting Started on YouTube, Video Chapter 3: Customizing your channel, Video Chapter 4: What do I do a video ON?, Video Chapter 5: Uploading Video to YouTube, Video Chapter 6: Editing Your Videos, Video Chapter 7: Promoting Your Videos, Video Chapter 8: Video Syndication and Strategy.


      No other Social Media eCourse Series currently out in the market is purely designed for helping small businesses.


      For More Information - VISIT: