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    How To Keep a New Years Resolution

    upsellz Wayfarer

      If you find yourself making a New Years resolution, chances are you have a desire to make a change for the better in your life.

      I personally make goals/resolutions on a weekly and monthly basis, ranging from establishing/changing certain habits, altering personality patterns, to tackling ridiculous deadlines ... but that's just me.

      Here are a few ideas to help make those dreams come true.

      BE SPECIFIC - 

      Vague goals of "I resolve to lose weight",  "I resolve to make more money" or "I resolve to spend less time secretly eating donuts under my desk",  all have zero chance of making it past the end of January.  If you have already made a vague goal, go back and modify it to a specific target. "I resolve to lose weight" should turn into, "I resolve to lose 10 lbs by March 1, 2014", or "I resolve to only eat one donut per month..under my desk" (... I am not here to judge)


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