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    January 02, 2013  New Opportunities for acquiring  Funding

    PapaGator Adventurer

      When a person in America tries to do the right thing and has no one to back him it sets a bad example for other Americans trying to start their own business. The idea of redevelopment of an older mobile home neighborhood into a nice RV Park without disturbing the environment is my goal. The existing neighbors have opened a window of opportunity to make it possible to acquire their properties at a fair price. I spent all my money to acquire the properties I own and am paying on 2 mortgages for 3 of them. There are 7 lots available and it would make the location inclusive. I have written a business plan with the help of the FAMU SBA office. I could make anywhere from $350K to $600K. If I can't get the commercial lot on the Capital Circle I will start taking down my dilapidated mobile homes and work at turning them into RV Pads. I am serious about making an improvement with the redevelopment. I will not sell my properties to another business. If my neighbors turn around on their offers that will be okay with me. I have had very good neighbors who were tired of the upkeep of the old mobile homes. The way this neighborhood is aging it is past time for an improvement. My financial situation is deteriorating because of it. I used to keep up with my bills but have hit a bad stretch of lower income.