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    How to start a massage business?

    daizyfish Wayfarer

      Hi I am 28 years old and have been a license massage therapist for two years. I am planning to start my own massage business soon and looking for any information related to starting this type of business. For example, do you hire someone to build a website? How do you associate yourself with the doctor's/chiropractor's offices to get treatment referrals? Thank you for your help!

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          Hi Daizyfish,

          Welcome to our forum and thank you for introducing yourself to the community. Please peruse our forum and offer us your business opinions so that we may gain direction and guidance from each others experiences. I am sure that many of our community members will appreciate your expertise and value what ever information you can offer us.

          If you would like some guidance for writing a good business plan, try this link. Building Your Business Plan

          You may also want to get yourself a great accountant to ask about needed paperwork and licensing.

          Question that I have is where have you done your hands on practicing to receive your license? Can you start by word of mouth there? Have you tried to contact gyms to set up shop there? You could leave your business cards in several doctor's offices. Many of them have bill boards in the hallway.