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    You Don’t Answer to Wall Street Investors

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      As the world watches (and models) Groupon making business decisions, there is a army of smaller daily deal site players who are fighting to take their market share.  Remember that Groupon does not have all the right answers.  In fact, like many of the publicly traded companies in existence, they are answering to a group of investors and often times make decisions based purely on numbers.

      Use the fact that you are not the #1 daily deal site to your advantage.  Use the fact that you do not have a user base that is 9 figures large to your advantage.  Use the fact that you do NOT have to answer to Wall Street investors to become more innovative.

      Growing your members and subscribers is a primary goal that a daily deal company should always continually be working on and striving to achieve.  But when a company’s mission statement and milestones are just to grow a huge email list and increase bottom line numbers, something gets lost.

      The real mission statement and goal that deal sites should have primary focus on is to help consumers find incredible products and services for great prices while also helping merchants get new quality customers.  Don’t start a Groupon clone, start something innovative.

      The major daily deal players have struggled to grow and maintain brand loyalty because most people are not loyal to the deal provider – but rather they are loyal to the deal itself.

      Keep your focus on providing incredible deals at superb prices and helping merchants make the most out of every promotion and you are moving in the right direction.  If you do this, your subscriber base will undoubtedly grow.