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    pamelap Newbie

      I would like to find a good manufacturer ( does not matter where ) to start a women's clothing line. I have a few designs that I need to bring to life, but do not know where to start!

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          Hi Pamelap,


          Welcome to the forum. Please take the time to introduce yourself and tell us a little bit more about your needs. Also peruse our forum and offer us your business opinions so that we may gain direction and guidance from each others experiences. I am sure that many of our community members will appreciate your expertise and value what ever information you can offer us.


          The where your manufacturer is, can affect your business tremendously. Obviously, it would be easier if you could find a company closer to your location and might (but not necessarily true) even be more cost effective. Your licensing could also be affected by where your clothes are being manufactured. Your licensing should be discussed with your accountant or look on the SBA website for information.


          You could also view our previous discussions on this topic. There is a lot of information available to you here on the forum.

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          You could also look on the internet for companies.

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          I know that we have many members who can also give you many more ideas on this topic.



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            Tran Nguyen Tracker



            Welcome to the forum. Your question is a tricky one and it really depends on the design you have.


            My suggestion is to attend events where you can meet like-minded individuals. As an operational-cost accountant, and one that use to work in the modeling industry, I was approached quite frequently by designers and fashion enthusiasts looking for a way in.


            Those that I liked and had a good idea (or that I thought somebody might be interested in), I referred on. Others, I had to recommend alternative routes. Consider calling up fashion magazines (not big ones, but local as they often have leads and can sometime even take you further).


            In St. Louis, we have what is called "Alive Magazine" which covers everything from fashion to best restaurants. Also, consider networking at fashion shows -- and remember, you don't always have to agree the design to catch the designer's attention. Feel free to throw in a few "but" or "except" when in ear shot of the designer. Finally, trade shows are a big thing but they're also expensive to go to just to network.


            One thing I found that has always been helpful is to ask merchants that you use on a regular basis. When I buy my suits, I use a single sales person at Josph A Banks. When I ask for an opinion, I get an honest one. When I asked for a tailor, I got a superb one. When I asked him to send business referral my way -- he sent me an executive from Anheuser-Busch and fifteen medium size business owners (all of whom have seen me in the store buying suits and shopped at the same place).


            So simply, the next time you're out shopping -- just ask for the sales rep's card (the one who is providing the store with inventory). Then, work your way from there -- ask them if they can pass you on and if they know of anybody.


            I hope this helps.


            Tran Nguyen


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              kim Wayfarer

              I am in need of a good manufacture as well, I'm located in USA in New Jersey my new clothing line will be for childrens clothing if anyone can help please advise.....