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    Recreational Vehicle Park in Tallahassee, Florida 32311 area

    PapaGator Adventurer

      Hello, My idea has been brewing for some time now and the financial situation is getting worse every day. My lots need to be redeveloped into parking for recreational Vehicles. There is no other business that would be any better in the area of where we are located. I have a small window of opportunity with a couple of neighbors for the purchase of their properties to encompass the needed footprint. The area is declining in value as the mobile homes become less valuable. The units are from the earliest one from 1966 and up to the newest 1985. They are all deteriorating and becoming unuseable as living places. The neighbors are wanting to move on and are willing to do a letter of intent to get involved in the situation I'm trying to get financing for. The business plan is in a static form because of the price of the commercial lot needed on the Capital Circle frontage. If the figures are averaged at $450K to $600K yearly income. The business would be able to pay the borrowed money off fairly quickly. The idea is not dead. It is just idling as the search goes on for financing. If you read this I will give you a word of Hope for the New Year. We all need positive feelings to get us through this poor economy.