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    I need help with my website, not sure why I am not getting any sales?

    felgra Adventurer

      Hello, I have a clothing website for women and I have showed to different individuals asking if my prices were okay. I have actually been told that I should double my prices but I am not too well know so I am not sure that is a good idea. If my prices are affordable why am I not getting sales. I have inventory that will not sell and it is quite upsetting. I know I am against big competitors such as Forever 21 but even that company had to start somewhere at the bottom. What are they doing that I am not? Also, I have tried contacting marketing companies but they are charging upwards of $400+ a month! Any input would be greatly appreciated, as I could use a mentor of some sort. Thank you. My website is

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          Welcome to the community. Please peruse our forum and offer us your business opinions so that we may gain direction and guidance from each others experiences. I am sure that many of our community members will appreciate your expertise and value what ever information you can offer us.


          I took the liberty to peruse your site. The biggest problem I saw (which could be why you are having problems in the first place) is that your home page does not work properly. The images disappear and this message is shown "Sample image. Image from preview not included" . I would address this issue first and for most. A none working website could totally kill your business. I know personally, if any aspect of an on-line stores website does not work, I already loose interest and move on. Talk to your technical department to get this resolved asap.


          Your prices are reasonable and I really don't see an issue with that. I found some of your fashion to be refreshing but you don't seem to catch one type of fashion style. You have anywhere from conservative to down right daring. It is almost like you don't know which way you would like to swing fashion wise. Your selection of clothing is also very limited. You might do better sticking with one type of fashion sense and offering more of a selection with those items.


          Have you tried google adwords to advertise your site? What other type of advertising have you done so far?


          I would be curious to hear from our other members and what they think.

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            AngelBiz Tracker



            Retail, and particularly clothing retail, is a difficult business Not only you have to have right selection of merchandise, but also at the right price. Have you thought about what type of customers you are targeting. Once you have an idea you should advertise in the media frequently visited by that target customer base. Also, run Google Analytics on your site to understand where the traffic is coming from on your website and how long are they staying. Also, see if you can tie up with fashion blogs to promote your website. If your lineup is unique and not just me-too products like others you should be able to get coverage from  these blogs and sales eventually. Good luck.

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              Tran Nguyen Tracker

              Hi Felgra,


              I hope this finds you well and that you'll forgive me for chiming in a little late.


              As an operational-cost accountant, I have seen this before with other online fashion stores. In my time of working with the fashion and modeling industry -- this was something that came up regularly. Luckily, there are a variety of solutions to the problem of marketing, inventory movement, "less is more" approach, and so on.




              As I am an accountant, my marketing brain is limited. So I sought the help of one of my friend who is a marketing executive for Anheuser Busch. Her views and mine are below:


              Marketing for an online retailer is a tricky business. The key to it to have a combination of both online and physical presence -- while keeping costs to a minimal. Often time, the best way to push consumer is to keep your social media alive (I noticed that your promotion code, tweets, facebook, and pin interests are not all tied together).


              The next best way to have a presence is to volunteer some of your unmoved inventory to a fashion show. Then use the show as an online publicity -- tweets, blogs, pictures, and such. Keep in mind, because you are an online store -- you are not restricted to local fashion shows. Such events already attracts designers and marketers. They always hand out program pamphlets which has the name of the designers in them -- this is just free marketing.


              Finally, volunteering to be a guest speaker at women events is a great way to raise awareness and gives you additional prestige.


              Inventory Movement

              A major component of any retailer. However, there are ways to minimize the risks of inventory overload.


              Unless your items are one of a kind, consider contracting with your vendors to ship only when orders are made. That way, you do not carry inventory of any sort and the vendors are responsible for having the items when you need it.


              There are down side to such things though -- a vendor might not care too much about the presentation of the items as you might. Damages and issues could take longer to resolve. But if it works, a Just-in-Time (JIT) inventory approach has been adopted by many retailers without a physical store front.


              If you do insist on carrying inventory -- consider talking to other local stores that have extra rack space. They could give you a rack and you can set your items up there to sell -- giving them a percentage of the share. Keep in mind, you will have to pay sales tax on this approach.


              Less is More

              If you are a fan of Mad Men (and a history fan), you will know that this approach was actually created by Soviet Union in the 1950s (just a fun fact).


              This approach is the idea of "streamlining" your store. Instead of showing 10 pairs of shoes in 10 different colors -- a single pair of shoes with a color chart that will change the shoe image each time. So in actuality -- you are not sacrificing any inventory variety at all; just making it look better.


              The "less is more" approach is also a diminishing method as it is replaced with the "Just-in-Time" method. Meaning inventories are hardly carried at all by the retailers except for show case reasons.



              I hope this helps. I also sent you a message on your website since there is actually a lot to discuss regarding your question. It is just impossible to put it all into writing.


              Please feel free to email or call me.


              Tran Nguyen

              Operational-Cost Accountant





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                imarketubest Adventurer

                You have several website issues as the Moderator Melinda indicated some - and a slow server, perhaps it is your hosting company or the cart software.  Images take too long to show or change, then there are numerous other issues. Your Alexa Ranking is high (see the screen shot - 6,436,376) and you have no US Ranking at all but then your domain is relatively new and you may be based out of Canada

                However - your site NAME isn't something i would use, but more than that the site looks too canned and is an obvious template system.and has nothing interesting - it is simply a Shopping Cart with zero pizazz or reason to peruse much less buy. Want real help> Contact me.



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                    felgra Adventurer

                    Thanks for your input. Perhaps it's my hosting. May I ask what you viewed my site on such as a mobile device, tablet or computer? Yes, it is a template as I do not have thousands to spend on a web designer. Maybe in the future I can  change it. I didn't know my Alexa ranking was high, interesting..


                    I think that most of the popular women fashion sites out today have the same layout as I do or maybe more basic.  About the name, what would you say is wrong with it? Is it not fashion orientated?

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                        imarketubest Adventurer

                        Viewed your site on a few devices, let's use my PC, I have a  25 Mbps download speed connection and I check my Up/Dn via several things like etc. So it's not my computer or my ISP..I'm in the trade and supply video and other services so when I checked your site I know even visually if something is slow.


                        As to templates - nothing wrong with using a template, perhaps I used the wrong word, should have said your site look to VANILLA - too canned - cookie cutter shopping eCommerce template, nothing exciting going on.

                        You do not need to have a site professional built but it needs to be professionally marketed and not just Google stuff. As to Alexa Ranking - maybe you didn't get it - High is BAD, in other words, Google has an Alexa Ranking of #1. The higher the number means NG. Your sis up in the Millions but Ranking isn't everything.

                        Hat surprises me is your statement that "most of the popular women fashion sites out today have the same layout" - so why are you not getting your share of sales?

                        I offer initial free advice via BOA, if it requires more than this/a seco9nd response it means I need to spend some precious time working for you, and not through BOA and not for free. I'm not proffering to build you a website, I market people or their business. That is different to being a web-designer/webmaster although I do those things also.  Wishing you the best in 2014, I'm sure several others will also respond via BOA and hopefully you will find what you need without spending a dime..

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                      Rahul Alim Adventurer

                      Coming in late to this convo but i thought it to be interesting considering the catch 22.  Low budget big marketing needed... I assume.


                      I have not reviewed any technical challenges within the site but overall I think organizing the site a little more would help so it has a consistent flow to it.  I really like how you categorize sections for deals, girls night out, jackets, etc but i think there is way too much motion and things happening that makes it difficult to make a decision where to start. 


                      The product looks great, pictures look great, and they are affordable.  I am not sure about your costs/margins but typically I suggest 5-10% to online marketing of total annual sales volume and then break out the #'s by priority of activities to achieve a goal. 


                      You should add social media icons more prominent on the page to follow your company.  on each product i would include sharing on social media like FB, G+, Pinterest, Instagram and anything else relevant to you.


                      On the top right it says "GET ACCESS TO EXCLUSIVE DEALS" link that to the sign up page so the users dont have to scroll to the bottom and search for the sign up box.  


                      From a marketing stand point, PR would help - reach out to fashion bloggers to talk about your unique products (i thought i saw a commercial for a reality show for a fashion girl out of TX), remarketing to visitors, email marketing, ppc and maybe affiliate marketing.  


                      To give something more concrete than an overall view from 30,000  ft it would be helpful to know what you do and spend and what is not working. 


                      Google analytic is a very useful start.


                      Hope it helps in your goals to more sales.


                      Good Luck!